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Головна | Cost of publication


Вісник Маріупольського державного університету
Серія: Філологія
Bulletin of Mariupol State University
Головна | Cost of publication
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    The cost of one author's page of the article (A4 sheet) is 65.00 UAH.

    Payment is made to the account № 31 25 42 34 10 82 03
    Bank: DKSU Kyiv
    MFO: 820172
    ZKPO: 26593428

    Important! Payment for the provision of the publication service is made only after the editor's notice of the acceptance of the article to be printed. When transferring funds, it is necessary to specify “For the scientific journal Bulletin of MSU. Volume: Philology”)

    The scanned receipt for the payment of the cost of publication of a scientific article is sent to the following e-mail: visnyk.mdu.filologia@gmail.com

    Please, send the originals clearly printed and signed by the author in two copies and a copy of the payment receipt to the address:

    Loskutova Nataliia Mykolayivna,
    German and French Philology Department,
    Foreign Languages Faculty,
    Mariupol State University,
    Myr av. 89-a,
    Mariupol, 87500,
    Donetsk region, Ukraine.
    Contact phone: 096 71 842 47
    e-mail: visnyk.mdu.filologia@gmail.com

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